Granite Counter Tops

No kitchen is complete without a new granite countertop. Enjoy the natural beauty that no other material can give you. Whether you are upgrading your home for sale or just wanting the beauty and luxury that only stone can provide. We have all the stone options to choose from and our expert fabricators guarantee that you will be happy.

Remember, here at Art & Showcase Flooring, you don’t pay the final bill until you say you are happy. We can also enhance your countertop with a new back splash. With many types of materials and patterns to choose from, we can make your back splash uniquely yours. Whether we do stone, tile or use chips if granite to enhance or tie together that special look you want.

Our pricing is very competitive and our turnaround time is just a few days not a few weeks. Our artists here will take the time to discuss color coordinating the kitchen or bath transform the room into a work of art.


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