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Repair and Restoration

Art and Showcase Flooring is located in the Heights and as you may be aware, most of the homes were constructed between 1890 and 1933. During this period most homes were built with solid wood flooring. We are often called upon to repair and restore an old floor, and in many cases, we can make floor look better than it did when it was new. If it should need a spot repair or an entire room replaced, we will tie in the wood so that it will look like the original, and not a repair job.

Our expert wood workers will be glad to answer any and all questions you may have about repairing or installing a new wood floor. Or, bringing back the new luster of an old floor by sanding and refinishing your floor. If the scratches on your floor are not too deep, maybe a buff shine is all you need to bring back the beauty of your wood floor.

Houston has many flooring stores but few see flooring as an art. So, before you think that your hardwood floors are beyond repair, let us take a look. In most cases we can save the floor or at least offer you some money saving options.