Laminate Floors Houston

For families with pets or outgoing youngsters, laminate floors may be the answer. This hard to scratch surface lends itself well to the wear, tear and stress that children will put a floor through. Whether it be tricycles, skate boards, or roller skates, laminate is a very durable material.

Any surface can be gouged but laminate holds up extremely well under the described conditions. Laminate comes in almost every look you can imagine, from home grown oaks to exotic woods from arounf the world, as well as a ceramic tile look. Laminates are usually less expensive than real wood, so if budgeting is important, then take a few minutes to explore this option.

I have heard it said by some people that they don’t like the way Laminate sounds when you walk on it. This is usually the case when only a moisture barrier was put down first. This noise problem is quickly corrected by using a good 3 in 1 pad, which is not just a moisture barrier but a cushion and sound retardant.

This product is very easy to maintain. It never needs polish of any kind and only requires dust moping. If allergies are a concern, this could be another reason to look more closely at Laminate. When it comes to pricing, we always give you a bottom line in the final cost. What is meant by this is, all steps are included in the bid, from take up of the old floor, trim pieces, labor, and taxes. We will never try to bump the cost as I have seen so many other businesses try to do. This will allow you to budget the exact cost before we ever start. So for Laminate floors in Houston , make your next atop at Art and Showcase Flooring.


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