Spot Repair

Repair Wood Floors

Art & Showcase Flooring knows that spot repair is an art. There is a step-by-step process we follow that ensures that the repaired area does not look as though it was repaired and looks like the original floor. If we are restoring a floor in a home on the national register or repairing new construction that has been damaged by furniture or appliance delivery, we know exactly how to complete the work so that the repair is virtually undetectable.

Quite often this repair is not as expensive as you might think. A quick call to us is the first step. We will come out and assess the area and communicate to you exactly what your project will require and how much it will cost.

Establishing trust is the second step. We can accomplish this by providing you with as many references as you wish. You will come to understand that establishing trust is important to us.

If your spot repair is due to a broken seam in your carpet, a tear or a hole, we can also assist you. Don’t replace all your carpet because of a small area that has been damaged due to a pet, childrens activities or spills. There are things we may be able to do. Again, this comes from years of experience in dealing with these kinds of problems. This kind of work is usually less expensive than you might think and is certainly less expensive than a complete carpet replacement.

Let’s try this option first. If it isn’t successful, we will apply the entire cost of the repair to the purchase of new carpet if you wish to go with the new carpet. Rest assured that you will have an excellent idea of how the finished repair will look before we ever start the job.

But what if your spot repair is due to cracked or broken tile? Again, let our designer look at the area that needs repair and see what options are practical. Even if there is no more tile that matches what you have, we can often offer different options and suggestions short of total replacement. There have been instances when the floor looked better after the repair than it did when the tile floor was first installed. We accomplish this in a number of ways.

Contrasting colored tile or marble in inlays and borders are just to name a couple. Remember, the first step in this process is to call us.


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