Why We're Unique

A Different Flooring Experience at Art & Showcase Flooring

We are Houston’s premier flooring and carpet specialists. It’s important to find the look and the best quality available and we can help you with both.

Art & Showcase Flooring offers sales, restoration and installation of wood, ceramic, porcelain, marble, laminate and vinyl flooring. We also provide, countertops and backsplashes.

Our showroom is a cut above the rest. Enjoy a store that has the “home” atmosphere. Here at Art & Showcase Flooring we approach every job as if it were going into one of our homes & having to pay for it out of our own pockets.

Our reliability can only be matched but not beaten. You give us the time schedule and we will meet if. After all, you are the customer. Our reliability can be verified with the BBB. We have been members since 2002 and have a spotless record. We will also be glad to provide you with as many references as you wish.

Our quality is also a top priority for all our people; from the sales force to each installer. This is how we can give such good warranties on our workmanship. Once in a great while we are contacted by a customer about a warrant issue. This call is handled with the speed as if it were a new customer wanting to do business for the first time.

Of course we only carry quality products here at Art & Showcase Flooring. Only name brands that carry a manufacturer’s warranty you can depend on.

Value is important. We make sure that the products you purchase will hold up and perform for you as expected. Our policy has “no hidden costs.” Many flooring stores will make unheard of claims for low pricing only to charge you extra for pads or take up & disposal of old materials or leave something out of bid, only to add it later. We are all familiar with this tactic and is used only by people of low character. Here at Art & Showcase Flooring, our agreements will list every cost to complete the job. The agreed on amount will only change if you decide to add something to the job before its completion – such as add a room of carpet, wood or tile.

Otherwise, the agreed on amount will not change allowing you to budget exactly what is needed to cover the cost of your new floor.

How can anyone who claims a high degree of ethics do less? You will always feel like you were treated fairly, with respect, and your needs given the care and attention they deserve. Remember, we don’t just preach the “golden rule”, we live by it.

So, why shop at Art & Showcase Flooring?

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Value
  • High Ethics


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